The history of Killin is ancient and the area was the frontline for many years in the war between the Scots and the Picts. A lot the names of the people in the district still carry surnames from these distant times e.g. MacNaughton (from Nechtan king of the Picts) and McDiarmid (from Diarmid founder of the Campbells and legendary killer of Fionn (Fingal). In fact legend has it that Fingals grave is in Killin and this can be seen on the hillside above the public park. Finlarig Castle in Killin now in a ruinous state was once the seat of the Breadalbane Campbells until they moved eastwards to the other end of Loch Tay at Kenmore. The castle is perhaps the only one in Scotland with a beheading pit and the hanging tree still stands on the Knoll in the castle grounds.

Breadalbane has been populated since ancient times and there are many reminders of this in the area, on the shoulder of Meal Nam Tarmachan a stone age axe factory has been found, stone circles abound and at Acharn on Loch Tayside there is a reconstruction of a crannog (an artificial island). These were built as protection from predators and other tribes and this reconstruction can be visited to find out what it was like to live in the Killin area during the Bronze Age. A visit to the folklore centre in Killin at the Dochart Bridge will give the visitor a taste of what living in the area was like in the days of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Breadalbane (the name given to the area with Killin at the centre) is very popular with visitors and tourists alike not only for the magnificent scenery but for many outdoor pursuits such as fishing (salmon & trout), golf, climbing, hillwalking, botany (Ben Lawers) or just leisurely touring the surrounding area. There is a quite testing nine hole golf course within the village and a ticket can be purchased to play various Perthshire golf courses within a one week period. There are many walks within the village surrounds and also obviously the hills around the village. Care should be taken though that suitable clothing is worn and your route is known to others before venturing up the hills. There are many experienced hillwalkers in Killin and by asking around it is easy to get advice on routes and climbing times. Permits can be obtained at the paper shop for trout fishing daily or weekly and Salmon fishing can be arranged (Please request this at time of booking as there are limited boats and rights). The outdoor shop next to the paper shop carries a good range of outdoor clothing, bicycle repairs and spares can be had along with bicycle and canoe hire. Pony trekking and salmon fishing can be had at Morenish Highland Lodges some 3.5 miles east of Killin.